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Beneficial microbes can play a systems-wide role in human health alongside diet, exercise, and lifestyle. Seed sells a line of daily supplements called synbiotics, which are a mix of probiotics and prebiotics. They retail for approximately $50 a month. This Daily Synbiotic reclaims the term ‘probiotics’ for science and establishes a new standard. This Daily Synbiotic was developed for systemic benefits beyond digestive health—the first in a pipeline of clinically-studied, next-generation products.


With every trend that has come up within wellness, there has been a fundamental misunderstanding with the science and efficacy of products because of poor communication. Because Probiotics and supplements have so much over-evangelism, Seed debuted its education platform dubbed Seed University for prospective ambassadors. Seed attempts to bring a safeguard to the influencer marketing space — particularly as it relates to wellness.


Seed is an ecosystem of kindred scientists, doctors, innovators, entrepreneurs, and translational storytellers from around the world. They collectively work on the potential of the microbiome to improve human and planetary health. Together, they are raising the bar in bacteria. "They got your bac"


There's a community of 38,000,000,000,000 microorganisms (mostly bacteria) living in and on us. Seeded by our mothers, this is our microbiome—our non-human half we can’t live without. In an astonishing journey of symbiosis, microbes co-evolved with us, carrying in their genes, and therefore in us, the entire history of the world. Contrary to centuries of popular belief, bacteria are essential to our health. Our microbial partners are gatekeepers of the outside world. They digest our food, regulate inflammation, and synthesize key vitamins, metabolites, and neurotransmitters—in exchange for just a portion of our daily calories and a warm place to live. They teach us that more than ever, we must consider all of us—not just our human part. We are the nurture to our nature.


There is a lot of information lust in the world. What role can you take up to ensure correct information is shared?


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