Emotive-driven mood boosting car

At CES 2019, Kia debuted a concept car that could detect a driver’s emotional state and then tweak the lighting and emit mood-salving perfumed scents, thereby improving their mood before they go full road rage.

Meet R.E.A.D. System*, a future mobility technology that deciphers drivers’ emotions and simultaneously optimises the in-vehicle environment for seamless comfort and pleasure. R.E.A.D. System creates a personalised driver’s space (lighting, sound, cabin temperature, seat vibration and scent) centered on the human senses by continuously assessing the driver’s emotional state through detection and analysis of bio signals (facial expression, heart beat, etc.) with the help of AI machine learning.

V-Touch is the world’s first virtual touch-type gesture control technology that enables effortless control of numerous vehicle features with the simple swipe of a finger. V-Touch tracks the occupant's sightline and fingertip position with a 3D camera, then instantly and accurately

controls the desired vehicle feature. Its simple yet sophisticated user interface is unparalleled

compared to other preexisting gesture control systems. Kia is making the future of mobility as easy and intuitive as possible by replacing the need to physically press buttons or give voice commands with a simple glance and movement of your fingertip.

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