Death Wellness for the living

Eterneva celebrates the lives of remarkable people and is a death wellness company for the living. Eterneva makes diamonds from ashes, but moreover, they support grief wellness and the destigmatization of the difficult conversations and hard moments that must be experienced in the days, weeks, months, and years after someone you love passes away.

The death care industry doesn’t have an innovation problem. There are amazing organizations in the space that are doing everything in their power to encourage conversations (Death Over Dinner), plan for the end of life (Trust & Will), answer all of the questions we are too afraid to ask out loud (Ask a Mortician), and make sure that our end of life care experiences are second to none (Honor).

At Eterneva, their focus is on the living –– those who are grieving –– and helping them to remember and celebrate a remarkable life lived. The way Eterneva see it is simple: everyone is going to experience this kind of deep grief, and no one’s path will be linear nor alike. Deep grief is complicated. It has highs and lows. They’re here to help those going through these times memorialize their loved ones, keep their legacies alive through both personal and community projects, and honour the life that was lived to inspire those of us here right now. Their goal is to help people talk about the people who changed their lives and to open up lines of communication within families and among friends.

The current wellness conversation is incredibly utopian. Real wellness isn’t perfect. It isn’t always happy. Sometimes, real wellness looks like sitting together in silence, letting the lows of life exist.

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