Building the future in the neighbourhood

In November 2020, Ford revealed its plans for an inclusive, vibrant, healthy innovation district around the Michigan Central Station. Ford’s vision for a 30-acre walkable community anchored by iconic Michigan Central Station is part of its plan to reshape the future of global mobility, working with other partners and connecting to a broader network of city and regional assets and innovation


Along with a first-of-its-kind mobility testing platform and new open spaces, site plan prioritises the needs of the community with sustainable amenities; recommends abundant green space, biking trails, cafés, shuttles, scooters, retailers, grocery stores, day care, housing and parking all within a 20-minute walk. The focus will be on building ecological resilience, promoting health and wellbeing, and giving visitors a sense of wonder, excitement and belonging as they move around.

Public amenities being explored include free Wi-Fi, outdoor seating, drinking fountains, restrooms, bike storage and public parking on evenings and weekends. The tech-enabled environment will offer electric charging, smart parking and payment systems, space utilization sensors and smart lockers. It will be constructed to high sustainability standards, with a focus on stormwater management, health and wellbeing, and promoting the area’s natural ecology.

Notice how a car manufacturer is restoring an old part of the city and turning the neighbourhood into their mobility testing platform for the future. While the environment will be used to test and showcase innovations, the focus is to actually build the future neighbourhood will all the core elements needed for it to be a success.

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