A specific group with particular needs

OneLDN is a London Gym focused on the ultimate experience. It's more than just a fitness club. It's a a community based destination combined with the very best equipment and stunning studio spaces with a world-class training team. Today, they are launching very interesting: a Body Transformation Program designed specifically for Women around menstrual cycle. Called The Curve, OneLDN wants women to break free of fad diets and tune into the unique rhythm of their own bodies. The program has been designed to help women take control and harness their monthly cycles to help them look and feel their very best. It is a smarter, healthier way to take care of the female body and get them exactly where they want to be. @oneldnclub


The hormone fluctuations have powerful effects on female bodies throughout the cycle. These fluctuations directly affect our energy levels, muscle and joint function, metabolism, vulnerability to injuries, appetite, sleep quality, and even skin health. The program will last an average of 8 weeks (so 2 average cycles) but pending your natural cycle, which varies woman to woman, it will be fully personalised so it might be slightly longer or shorter. They will push you hard when your body is at its most capable and teach you to pull back when the rest and recovery needs to be prioritised. The nutritional guidance is designed to not only help women achieve their goals in the most sustainable way, but also to fuel their training correctly depending on the time of the month, support recovery and reduce symptoms throughout the cycle.

Customer transformations are about helping a specific group of people in a particular situation with their life aspirations in the best possible way.


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