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Bringing in external knowledge and methods creates new perspectives and relevant ideas to shape the future of health, regardless whether that future is happening today or coming up next.

Innovate together with an external health expert to make an immediate impact.

Create a Healthusiasm business

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Consumer business

Integrate health and well-being into your customer strategy

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Healthcare business

Expand your business beyond the traditional healthcare thinking

Because of the priorities in the day-to-day job, teams really benefit from external inspiration to kickstart innovation. But workshops with an external health expert really kicks in.  It makes your next steps immediately tangible and actionable.

Christophe jauquet



Innovation tools


We map health habits and innovations to uncover your next growth opportunities

Healthusiasm model
Life aspiration model


We understand and predict external changes to help you make strategic decisions

3change model
Determinants of health trends


We start from customer expectations & aspirations to increase their engagement

Transformation model

Healthusiasm Canvas

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Help your team to innovate your business strategy for this health-conscious world. The Healthusiasm Canvas uses different models and will help you transform your business for a healthier & happier future.

" It was a pleasure working with Christophe on our health, science and communication strategy. He knows how to translate complex challenges into clear recommendations.  "


Global Science & Innovation Director, Rousselot Health & Nutrition

Use cases

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Innovate for today

See beyond the current business focus and identify direct customer opportunities. 

Map your business objectives against the changing customer realities. This allows your team to optimise the value you create for customers today.

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Innovate for next year

See beyond the current strategy and prepare for what's next.

Understand the ongoing changes that are shaping tomorrow's reality and remain relevant in a world that is in a constant flux.

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Innovate for the near future

See your vision come to life and design your own future for a healthier and happier world.

Develop foresight on how some radical innovations will be impacting some future scenarios. It helps your team to plan on including these external forces into the future of your business.

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