" I bring healthcare into the outside world

to create more engaging  patient experiences. ".

With a deeper understanding of the current health trends, it's easier to design engaging patient experiences .


inspire pharmaceutical companies and healthcare organisations on the ongoing shifts in healthcare and self-care. I advise on building better patient experiences and engaging digital health solutions. 


Be inspired by the enlightening combination of healthcare experience, creativity and future thinking.

 Some popular  keynotes:

  • The patient is no longer patient

  • The Pharma momentum

  • Stop focusing on patient engagement

  • From physical places to transformative spaces

  • The future of … (healthcare & self-care)


Sometimes all you need is an external brain to boost your project, team, or business.

 Frequent support:

  • Workshop  participant

  • 1-to-1 Sparring sessions

  • Individual coaching

  • Team mentor

  • Board member


Understand the healthcare & self-care trends impacting your particular field or therapeutic area.

Frequent research:

  • Quick market scan

  • (Beyond) sector analysis

  • Future market trends


Go from inspiration to defining the right business strategy and patient experience. 

Most common workshops:

  • Empathising with customers

  • Defining the value proposition

  • Cross-industry ideation

  • Healthusiasm design sprints

Are you a Healthusiast about making customers healthy & happy?
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