Be inspired by the explosive combination of marketing trends, creativity and the future of health.

 Some popular  keynotes:

  • Customer experience is not enough

  • Every company is a health business

  • The future of … (healthcare & self-care)

  • From physical places to transformative spaces

  • Turn experiences into transformations -- temporarily promotion

    2,500 euros
  • Discover and understand what will shape the future of your business.

    price upon request
  • Why and how to turn physical places into transformative spaces

    price upon request
  • How every business should and could become a health business today.

    price upon request
  • Experts on next-level customer experience -- online package deal

    6,450 euros


Founder - Butik Marketing Agency

" I was blown away by his vision on brand experiences."


Founder - BrainTower  Interim Marketing Consultancy

" It's an inspiring presentation about consumer trends focusing on health, supported by some interesting models and cases. Christophe combines sector expertise with passion for the topic and top Notch presentation skills. "


Strategy & Content Director, GIANT health

" Healthusiasm" as a tangible and valuable consumer trend is well-researched and lays down the gauntlet to huge corporate brands to embrace and serve the wellbeing of their customers. "


Are you a Healthusiast about making customers healthy & happy?
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