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People are more conscious of their health today than ever before. This offers great opportunities for both consumer brands and healthcare companies. Unlock these opportunities by integrating the right health and self-care trends into your business strategy. 

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Incorporate holistic health management into your innovation strategy

Innovation strategy
for this health-conscious world

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Consumer business

Integrate health and well-being into your business strategy

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Healthcare business

Expand your business beyond the traditional healthcare thinking

For the past 20 years, I have worked as an expert in health marketing & strategy for pharmaceutical and consumer companies. But never have I seen that many health and self-care trends, that offer companies and brands the opportunity to engage with their customers in a more valuable way.

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Healthusiasm model

In this health-conscious world, boundaries are blurring between the healthcare, wellness and lifestyle industries. The Healthusiasm model offers a complete overview of options to innovate your business strategy.

Use cases

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Health behaviours

Understand the relevant health behaviours related to your business or domain, and identify meaningful strategic opportunities. 

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Map new business ideas or innovations, and discover new competitor strategies or potential future partnerships

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Market growth

Analyse new market dynamics and unlock organic growth opportunities beyond your current market potential. 

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