Health marketing

" I believe it is time to stop thinking about bringing the next healthy product or service onto the market.

Instead, let's create personal experiences for people that transform them as a person. "


Better health should be the experience offered! 

People are consciously taking decisions to impact their own health & happiness, regardless of whether they are sick or not. This Healthusiasm offers a whole new set of opportunities to meet your customers' and patients' expectations.


Healthise your business and create value for your customers !



1/2 day Masterclass

Free yourselves a moment from fear & legacy thinking with this interactive inspiration session during 1/2 day.


1-3 day Seminar

Embark on a journey to better meet the expectations of customers, patients or employees by exploring the entire healthising canvas.


Marketing Consultancy

Quickly pursue an opportunity that creates impact by temporarily adding expertise and/or an additional pair of hands.


Personal Coaching

Support your team members in being more Healthusiastic and/or patient-centric by regularly having a personal coach challenging them. 


Innovation Director - Colruyt Group

Christophe's marketing knowledge and health expertise sure did help us to make quick and future proof decisions. He also disposes of a vast network that allows to find the necessary insights or interesting business partners


Managing Partner - InSites Consulting

I can say that Christophe is not only very knowledgeable on the subject, but also truly passionate about patient centricity and determined to create impact, both for the patients out there as for the businesses at their service.


Business Operations Manager - Pfizer 

The co-creation with colleagues and clients as well as the to-the-point translation of the business needs are skills that I truly appreciated in our collaboration.



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